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dbfServer provides instant Client/Server capability to most Xbase++ programs which currently directly access .DBF files. In many applications, simply add an #include statement to each source file and link with the supplied DLL, run the server software, and your program will automatically route all database activity through the server.

The server itself is transparent to the client program - if your code generates an error (such as when storing an incorrect data-type to a field), the error is handled by the client and not the server. Which is how it should be.

All database access functions are mapped to routines which pass the request on to the server.

  • 'Instant' Client/Server capability in many cases for existing programs which need to access DBF tables
  • Transparent access to databases via the server
  • Any DBF table visible from the server machine can be accessed by any client program
  • Errors handled transparently - errors are passed back to and handled by the client program
  • Server provides information on which clients are connected and which files they have open
  • Remote Procedure calls - an analog to Stored Procedures. Get the server to perform complex procedures for you.
  • Automatically cached (subset of) commands to improve performance
  • Ability to manually cache any command
  • Written entirely in Xbase++
  • Full source code provided

    You can read the online documentation here

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    1.5.16 09.12.2002 Current release